Google confirms Metro version of Chrome

Google is toiling away at a Windows 8 Metro-optimized version of its Web browser.

The search giant made the announcement following news that Mozilla was also working on a Firefox program designed to work with the new Microsoft interface.

For Google, the new Chrome platform will be based on the desktop version of its existing browser, not the mobile Android version. Because Windows 8, especially the Metro interface, is designed with mobile and tablets in mind, this decision represents confidence in Microsoft’s ability to take mobile to the next level.

There will be two versions of Windows 8 – one for desktops and one for tablets – but both should function pretty much the same. Things like an app store and highly customizable interfaces will make the new version unlike anything Microsoft has released for a computing product before.

“Our goal is to be able to offer our users a speedy, simple, secure Chrome experience across all platforms, which includes both the desktop and Metro versions of Windows 8. To that end we’re in the process of building a Metro version of Chrome along with improving desktop Chrome in Windows 8 such as adding enhanced touch support,” said Google in a statement to Mashable.

The Metro UI allows users to have complete customization on their home page, including widgets, RSS readers, weather information, date/time, etc.