Siri heading to Mercedes-Benz

When it comes to voice-activated technology, nothing seems more appropriate than in-car situations.

After all, where else can you face legal trouble for talking on your cell phone? Hands-free in-car phone systems are a large and growing market, especially as more and more states make hands-free technology the only legal option for us connected commuters.

Mercedes-Benz is embracing that and is reportedly planning to unveil a new system that takes this kind of hands-free approach to the next level. And when it comes to performing commands without moving your hands, there’s one technology that shines above the rest – Siri.

According to International Business Times, the carmaker will debut the new platform, called Drive Kit Plus, at a moto show next week. There will be a special app that projects an iPhone screen to the in-car information system, and a specialized interface will allow users to tap into Siri’s powerful features.

That means users can use their natural speaking voice to ask for GPS directions, send and transcribe text messages, and interact with other Web functions. It seems like a very natural extension for Siri.

Mercedes-Benz has shown a penchant for being on the leading edge of Apple products and services. It was one of the first to pledge support for using the iPad in an enterprise capacity, and at dealerships across the country its employees perform transactions on the show floor with their company iPads.

As for Siri, she also has expansion plans. It’s expected Apple will release its own branded television set that is controlled by your voice through the Siri platform.