Russian search engine to offer Twitter feed

Russia’s leading search engine, Yandex, has teamed up with Twitter to offer the full firehose of public tweets worldwide.

In a similar way to Microsoft’s Bing – but not Google Search – tweets will show up almost instantly in search results.

“We are currently concentrating on social networking search. This partnership with Twitter reinforces our effort in this area,” says Anton Pavlov, Yandex’s blog search manager.

“People share news, exchange opinions and discuss all sorts of matters in real time all the time. This kind of information will help us enhance our search results.”

Users will be able to search for tweets through Yandex Blog or at Users can search by username or hashtag. They can access all tweets in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian or Kazakh, as well as top feeds in any other language.

Google last year failed to reach a similar deal with Twitter, after an existing arrangement expired in July.

Yandex is the leading search engine in Russia, with about 60 percent of the market – well ahead of Google, with about 25 percent. Terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed.

The deal forms part of an effort by Yandex to focus on social features. Yesterday, it rolled out a beta version of its people finder, allowing users to view all public profiles of a person with accounts on the country’s most popular social networking and blogging websites, including VKontakte, Facebook, LiveJournal and Odnoklassniki.