Skype offers free airport WiFi for the holidays

Beginning tomorrow, you’ll be able to tap into free WiFi access at major airports across the country, courtesy of Skype.

“From December 21st thru December 27th, travelers passing through or delayed in over 50 airports across the country will be able to access third-party hotspots using Skype WiFi and connect with loved ones via a Skype video or voice call for free,” the voice-over IP service wrote in an official blog post.

Skype, which is owned by Microsoft, is not the first to offer this kind of holiday deal. Nintendo has also partnered with Boingo, the country’s leading WiFi hotspot provider, to give free online access to 3DS owners during the busy travel season.

And last year, the nascent Gogo in-flight WiFi service was available for free, thanks to a promotion from Google.

The number of people traveling by plane for the holidays this year is expected to rise over last year, and anything that can make those travelers more comfortable – therefore less irritable when they step onto the plane – is a definite positive.

“The holidays are all about connecting with those you love. Skype is excited to help you maintain these meaningful connections wherever you may be this holiday season,” said Skype. How festive.