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Windows App Store is on the way

Microsoft has been firming up its answer to Apple’s user-friendly and easily navigable platform for digital computer downloads.

When Windows 8 comes out next year, it will have a standardized outlet for consumers who want to buy direct downloads of PC applications.

As anyone who owns a PC today knows, this process is far from streamlined right now. Apple revolutionized the idea of digital downloads with the App Store for the iPhone, and then took it to the next level when it created a similar platform for the Mac operating system.

Because going out to the store and buying a piece of software on a disc is so outdated, there is much higher demand for immediate purchase-and-download transactions, and Microsoft will fully appreciate that in Windows 8.

The Windows App Store, which is not a confirmed name, will allow software makers to post both free and premium applications. The platform also supports trial downloads and in-software purchases that are facilitated through the same transaction platform.

As of now, it appears this digital storefront will be focused on new software, so legacy programs and applications will not be available. It’s just one of many major overhauls expected out of Windows 8.

The brand new OS is one of Microsoft’s boldest yet, with an entirely separate version of the software being developed for tablet devices. Windows 8 will look nothing like Windows 7 and instead treats users with a more modern interface and navigation controls.

Microsoft is scheduled to have a media event in San Francisco tomorrow, where it’s expected the company will shed even more light on what we can expect next year.