Google to include Facebook comments in search results

Facebook comments will soon appear in Google search results.

Apparently the biggest Internet companies see a future where their indexing of each other in search engine results erases all meaning from our reality.


So while private users on Facebook will be protected, any public comments made through Facebook applets on other pages or the social site itself, will be fair game for search results.


As CBS News notes, the questionable changes come as Google is trying to broaden its reach to any user generated content that’s currently hiding from its powerful search robots. This usually happens with content management systems, like the ones used with Facebook and other (WordPress, Drupal) popular sites.

The Official Google Webmaster Central Blog has promised that the company will take “precautions to avoid performing any task on a site that could result in executing an unintended user action.”

But some people still aren’t happy about Mountain View’s newest indexing tool.


Specifically, developers are worried about the how the effort will impact the confidence of users; they might feel uncomfortable leaving comments on their individual websites. That’s because they may not want their comments revealed via Google, and that’s a problem for developers and the rest of the Web community.