Google+ picture uploads reach 3.4 billion

Though it has only been around for 100 days, Google says more than 3.4 billion photos have already been uploaded to its new social network, Google+.

A quick bit of math will show that’s an average of 34 million pictures uploaded to the nascent platform every single day. Of course, it’s still a far cry from Facebook, which boasts some six billion photos uploaded every month (and something like 100 billion photos in total).

But Google+ has only been around since earlier this year, and since sharing photos is one of the biggest draws of a social networking outlet, that’s a sign that Google may be doing something right.

Google’s ‘head of social’ Vic Gundotra announced the worthy achievement at the annual Web 2.0 Summit. He was asked by The Daily Telegraph about how Google+ can possible coexist with Facebook just around the corner.

“Historically I have seen people use lots of services at the same time. So yes you have to offer to something of value. If it’s identical to what someone else is offering and that network is richer – then its’ [your product] not going to be successful, but if you offer people something of value then I do think it will work,” he said.

Gundotra also commented on the obvious positive factor Google has going for it – millions upon millions of people use Google, so it’s easy to reel in a whole bunch of people for any new service. The question is how viable it can be in the future and if that user base will continue to grow and get more involved.

For now, though, it seems Google is quite optimistic.