5 Tips on Keeping Your PC Cleaner

Why Prioritize Cleaning Your PC? PCs are now becoming truly personal. From word processing to graphic design, computers are now revolutionizing task performance. Consumers are now looking for more ways to do their tasks faster and more efficiently. This has thus called computer designers and programmers to come up with devices that can perform tasks with ease by increasing RAM, as well as storage space. But even without these design innovations, there are still other ways in which you can boost your computer’s handling and performance. Key among these is PC Cleanup. With software solutions like ZookaWare you can fix all kinds of errors, bringing and keep your computer at peak performance levels.

However finding the right PC clean up software can be a challenging affair. Most of them like the one mentioned are not open source software. That means you will have to pay to use them. Secondly, for the long-term safety of your computer, you will need to find PC clean up software than is trusted and has been in use for a long while.

Luckily there are still things that you can do, that can help you clean up your PC and keep it at peak performance. Most PC cleanup software perform a variety of tasks like managing programs that hinder the computers start up process as well as scanning DLL files. Ideally, these are tasks that can be performed ideally without the use of PC clean up software, if you know what you are doing.

Here are a few tips of how to navigate PC cleanup to keep your computer in pristine performance conditions.

1: Managing Startup through Task Manager

This is one clean up solution that has worked for me tremendously. Your computer has a task manager that can allow you to view all the programs that are running. Each program has a different impact on how the computer performs ranging from low to medium and high. Your PC allows you to choose which programs to disable at the point of startup. You can do this by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL function. This will send you directly to the task manager. Click the startup tab and from there you can manage which programs start up when the computer loads depending on their impact on startup.

2: Running an Antivirus

Most anti viruses are inexpensive and can be downloaded free of charge from credible sources. The free ones also work pretty well. Viruses and spyware can significantly slow down or hinder the performance of your computer. Running regular virus scans will ensure that your PC is free of viruses and bugs.

3: Disabling Torrent Clients

Torrent clients tend to run in the background even when you have closed the user interface. Since some of them use up a lot of RAM you will notice that some of your other programs don’t startup with ease or that your internet speeds are slowed down significantly. If you are using windows, simply go to the bottom left area of your task bar and click the arrow icon. A small window will pop up displaying the icons of apps that are running in the background. Right click to close and your problem is immediately solved.

4: Automated Disk Cleanup
Your PC, if you are using windows, has built in solutions to free up diskspace. things like temporary files and caches occupy prime space that when freed up will allow your computer to perform faster. For windows 8 onward, simply click the Windows button on your keyboard and search disc cleanup. The prompts available allow you to choose between uninstalling apps you don’t use or freeing up disk space by deleting unnecessary files.

5: Manual Clean Up

There is also the option of opening up your PC and cleaning it manually. Over time your PC accumulates dust and this has some effect on how the machine will run over time. If you have never opened up a computer before don’t attempt it without some guidance. You can approach someone with experience on this and they can assist you. Also don’t open up your computer while it is on or plugged into an electric source.

Finally make sure that you constantly update your computer whenever possible. Software developers are constantly providing updates that improve PC functionality. Now that you have learned these simple and easy tricks you don’t have to worry about spending extra bucks to clean up your PC.