5 Great Tools for Converting HTML to PDF

Often you must have faced the difficulty of printing an adequately aligned web page, or if you copied it and pasted it into your document, you would struggle to put back the alignment. Although the CSS will allow you to view the page across varied screen sizes or devices, still you will face problem while printing the page.

HTML pages or web pages have a different layout, and each time you would try to print it directly without converting you will be facing the problem of misappropriating spacing and alignment. The most significant advantage of having pdf file format is that they tend to remain the same in an appearance on different platforms or even on printing through various devices.

PDF or printable documented files as the name suggest the benefits, you would need nothing more than a tool that can efficiently convert an HTML file into a pdf file format. PDF file format is most common and powerful at the same time given its versatility to produce same file format irrespective of file origin.

So, shun all those time-wasting exercises where you reprinted web pages only to get a perfect print or where you copied the content on a doc file only to redo all the alignment before printing it. Just convert the webpage into a pdf file, and you can print it or share it via email. It’s simple!

Now here is a list of five excellent HTML to PDF converter that you can get to make your files simple, downloadable, editable and printable in a correct format.

Adobe Acrobat

If you are looking for a PDF converter that provides you different levels of functionality along with ease of maintaining file format, then look no further than Adobe Acrobat. It’s the most authentic source if PDF file conversation that allows you workability. The sheer reason that it is also created by the makers of PDF file format itself is a big reason to use it. The adobe is by far the best tool to convert HTML to pdf format. But the only restriction that everybody can’t use it is its cost. The Adobe tools are available at a comparatively higher price.

PDF crowd

The PDF Crowd is by far the most commonly used HTML to PDF converter. It offers an API for seamless integration. It also provides URL to PDF conversion, along with a browser add-on feature, easy one-click conversion and various other features. This tool is available in both free and paid variants. Although some essential elements are available in the free version if you want to enjoy all the features of this tool you must get the paid version.


A free HTML to pdf co better tool that can seamline URL from the web as well and does all the conversions in a click, and yes, it’s the PDF only. It can easily convert dynamic and static website pages without hampering the original format.

HTML-PDF converter

An internet-based converter tool that does all the HTML to PDF conversation without any hitch. It can convert any HTML or webpage into PDF directly from the browser. You can add this smart tool to your browser by integrating the embed code or bookmark the URL to the browser dashboard.


Another HTML to PDF converter on our list is GrabzIt, it has a HTML to PDF API that can easily convert and save the HTML to PDF along with another API and online Screenshot tool that can convert URL’s into PDF as well. Additionally, this service provides a JavaScript plugin that allows you to add “save as PDF” buttons on your website and another feature that allows you to merge PDF documents together.

Now you can save time and effort, by choosing any of the above conversion tools to get the job done in no time.