Capitalism conquers fear of iPad

The Wall Street Journal, WSJ, rhymes with vajayjay, is going to charge $18 a month for its iPad subscription. Richie Rich is first official subscriber.

Rupert Murdoch owns the WSJ. He is known for his generous spirit, love of humanity, and philanthrophy. He loves the WSJ because it used to be all high falutin with long articles that took a long time to read. Rupert was getting on in years and he wished that the WSJ was easier to read.

He bought it, and decided that it could be the MySpace of people who make a living doing nothing more than sitting in the middle of a transaction. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me, either. But, he made it more entertaining by pretending that angry white people are interesting when an articulate black man is in office and they don’t like it.

We don’t argue with Rupert’s logic. His publications outsell and outdraw TG Daily almost every day of the week. Yeah, how does that happen? I know.

Murdoch is also known for his cynicism and misanthropy. The WSJ on the iPhone is $8 a month. The iPad is bigger ergo it must be worth $18. I could be an executive at News Corp.