4 Must Have Business Software to Fuel Growth

Software technologies have created a revolution in almost all fields of human working, including industries. New businesses that are mushrooming every day, desiring a swift development, can bloom with the assistance of suitable software. Designed for the specific purposes of various business models, these software tools are easily accessible, available at minimal costs, and can work wonders for your venture.

1. Inventory management software

Inventory management software aids the user in handling both physical and cloud storages with its functions designed to work with thousands of parts and components, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. According to reviews and pricing of the current year, Fishbowl is the top inventory management system.

~ Fishbowl

Fishbowl is a warehouse management solution designed for small and midsize companies. Its features include inventory control, material requirements planning, job shop floor control, work order management, manufacturer orders and bills of materials. Solutions can either be deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud, both inside and outside your home country.

2. Project management software

There are numerous project management software which simplify the major components of this process like establishing goals, planning the steps of proceedings, assigning tasks, supervising employees, setting time estimates, and a lot more. JIRA is one such software that can help you bring a flawless management structure into being.

~ Jira

Developed by an Australian company, Jira is an issue tracking and project managing system. Its dashboard consists of many useful functions and features which make handling of issues easy. It allows you to publish goals in the form of stories, plan sprints, and work distribution charts. It also keeps a track of the work done and lets you visualize your workflow with your employees. It is a system which connects all members of a team and aids them in building and maintaining an organized work domain in order to complete projects on time.

3. Customer relation management software

CRM systems, in simple terms, are points of contact between the customer and the company. Other than being a medium of communication through website, e-mail, telephone, live chat, social media, etc., a CRM software provides details of customer’s personal information, purchase history, their preferences, etc. Working with customers online can be simplified with usage of a software like-

~ Help Scout

With its automation features and an appealing user interface, Help Scout is a highly preferred customer support system. It allows multiple customers to communicate with various departments of a company at the same time by creating more number of mailboxes. Here, you can also set up an information sharing page for your website.

~ Zendesk

If you are dealing with customer queries on social media, website, mail, phone calls, etc., this software becomes handy in regulating the communication as per your comfort and speed and saves you from running to one chat platform to another.

4. Team communication software

Communication can make and break a business. It is the key to strong coordination, which an important requisite for development. It can become difficult and chaotic for team members to communicate in a huge organization, or when messages have to travel amongst many employees and departments. A team communication software can quickly solve issues of communication by bringing different parties on one platform. Group chat, personal chat, video chat, video conferencing, etc. are instruments which form applications like HipChat, Hangout, Skype, and many more, made for use in formal settings.

Now, go on and take your path towards a flourishing business with software assistance!