2,000 restaurants make reservations in the Cloud

At least 2,000 restaurants have adopted a cloud-based reservation system offered by Livebookings.

The platform – which allows  managers to access their bookings and marketing services in one location – is currently being rolled out to an additional 8,000 restaurateurs worldwide.

Livebookings also offers easy access to a number of useful tools, including calendars, bookings analytics and social networking applications – all displayed on a single, real-time dashboard.

As expected, the the platform also eliminates the need for expensive hardware, significantly reduces costs for restaurant managers and provides secure data management. 

“The restaurant sector must continue to innovate,” Livebookings CEO Colin Tenwick explained in a statement quoted by EatOut Magazine.


“We believe by streamlining operations and replicating the success of other industries that have moved to the cloud, restaurants will make the most of managing valuable customer data as well as matching consumer demand for an online presence.”