10 Tools That Make Life Easier for a Java Developer

If you’re a web developer, then chances are that you spend much of your time doing your work on Java. It’s one of the most popular commercial development languages out there, so this is no wonder. However, there are some new tools that you can implement into your daily work life if you want to make your life a bit easier. For a Java developer, this is probably pretty welcome news!

Keep reading down below, where we’re going to go through some of these top tools that you have got to have in your toolkit for Java development.

1. Java Development Kit

You might think that this is a pretty obvious one to start off with, but having a JDK in your arsenal is crucial if you’re going to start development in Java. This kit is going to have pretty much everything you need to get started with developing using Java. If you don’t start off with this one, it’s like starting off a bike race without your bike – doesn’t make much sense, does it?

2. Eclipse IDE

Many experienced Java developers will say that Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is one of their go-to IDEs to choose from. This tool is going to provide you tons of assistance in code completion, refactoring, and more. This extra help can be even more relevant if you are a part of outsourcing services. There are so many tools in this IDE that we can’t possibly go through all of them in this article!

3. NetBeans

This next item is another IDE, like Eclipse, that will give you access to tons of features like convertors, editors, and code analyzers. This is going to allow you to come up with the best apps that include the latest and greatest of Java technology. Plus, there are always improvements happening with this tool, so you’re never going to have an old version of it. Whether or not you’ve gone through its training or not, you’ve got to have this tool on your side.

4. IntelliJ IDEA 13.1

If you want the most intelligent Java IDE on the market, then this tool is for you. There’s no doubt that this tool is going to help Java developers come up with crazy innovative solutions to their development problems. It’s going to improve your productivity a ton, so try it out!

5. Oracle JDeveloper

This free IDE is going to be one of the best out there. Even though it is free, it takes you through the entire development life cycle and will bring you to the solution that you really want.

6. JUnit

This next tool is going to help developers write and run various tests in Java development. However, the difference between this tool and other ones on the market is the fact that you can test one block of code at a time with JUnit. With this feature, you’re never going to have a question about the viability of your code.

7. Apache ANT

Apache ANT is another helpful tool, created by the Apache Software Foundation, so you know it’s the real deal. It’s an open source tool that’s extremely simple to use and operate. When you use this tool, you can automate all of that little, repetitive tasks that take so much of your time as a developer.

8. Java Runtime Analysis Toolkit

JRat is going to give you the opportunity to test your apps performance. When you do this, you’re going to be able to automatically identify the problem areas that could be slowing down your app.

9. Apache JMeter

Another tool that you’ve got to get into your toolkit by Apache is the JMeter. It’s basically a testing and analysis tool that will allow you to test performance across any number of applications.

10. Apache Maven

Maven is basically a bigger and better version of #7 on this list. Apache Maven is going to give you some more features than ANT does. Everything’s going to be a bit simpler with Maven on your side.

All of these tools should be part of your toolkit if you want to be a successful Java developer. They’re going to simplify your life a ton and make sure you get the job done correctly and to the best it can be done.