Smartphone users make lousy partners

A survey of iPhone and BlackBerry users has concluded that they’re a pretty insensitive bunch.

Carried out by shopping website Retrevo, the (statistically rather dubious) survey found that 22 percent of BlackBerry owners have texted or emailed somebody to break up with them. The iPhone users were even more callous, with a third admitting they’d done it.

Perhaps it’s because their partner turned out to be a pretty poor substitute for the delights of the internet: one in five iPhone users and 12 percent of BlackBerry users confessed to watching porn on their phone (bad for the eyes, we’d have thought, but Retrevo neglected to ask about that).

In any case, these people are clearly pretty shallow. Apparently, 35 percent of iPhone users would find it a turn-off if a potential partner was using out-of-date gadgets.

They’re also suspicious – a quarter of iPhone users and 17 percent of Blackberry users said they’d broken off a relationship because their partner spent too much time on their mobile device.

Retervo concludes: “This data could lead to creating unfair stereotypes but you have to admit, it sure paints a picture of a group of smartphone owners that ‘think different’.