Smart Global Positioning Systems

Global Positioning System is a great navigation system that enables to give you time transfer, absolute location and exact movement. GPS revolutionized with our time and mobility. As far as the things and people became so movable, the question of tracking erases more frequently.

Almost a few years ago GPS have become an important tool to receive a geographic location with the help of “constellation” of 24 well-spaced satellites with site proof up to 10 meters. Accuracy can be enhanced with military or another distinct purpose. Companies that make it possible, give you a possibility of buying such kits (trackers can be bought in 95% of companies that deal with this sphere) without any restriction. Today the point is no need to buy a high-cost GPS hardware, you will need only a mobile app and tracker. Utilizing this software is very easy. In fact, this can be installed as an application in your mobile phone. Let`s consider the principles and main benefits from work of mobile platform of such GPS reading platform as Uboro.

What are the benefits of such GPS transmission tool?

  1. If you use it for your personal purpose it can track your items, family members and transport means with reference to the IoT principle, but a bit specified within geolocation only; It will not show you the state of those, but you will easily aware of its location;

2. A Very important issue of such platform is its price (consider that Uboro has a Beta version with 90 fee-free trial days on the Google Play). No need to use a high-cost GPS, trust it to your smartphone, it is really easy to install and use;

3. GPS for your smartphone, it is really easy to install and use;

4. For business purposes, a GPS platform is used for the same reasons as a personal one, but the point of tracking remote workers, assets, and equipment is inevitably connected with the optimization and productivity roles. Especially, when you are a logistics company or you have mostly a remote staff.

Algorithm of installment a cloud tracking platform:

Install on a smartphone or tablet an app => Insert the device ID to the platform => create an account => get your supervisor aware of it => sign in and tap to the tracker => get a device satellite connection => watch for the location on your account.


  • You can change the tracking interval to transport or walker mode;
  • Auto update app;
  • Battery compatibility;
  • You will get location information 24/7;
  • It has 10X faster processing speed;
  • It is synchronized with other systems (API);
  • You can use a GPS device from any manufacturer;
  • Beta version foresees 90 free days of premium account.

Taking advantage of Uboro GPS tracking software will surely keep you and your business safely in order. No need to constantly worry about any important deliveries because it can be easily tracked down with just a few clicks of a button. Now that is something that can give you a peace of mind!