Skyfire bypasses Apple’s draconian Flash ban

W00t! iOS users are Flash-less no more! So forget about the draconian Steve Jobs, and download Skyfire for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Now you can use the $3 browser to access millions of Flash-based videos that were previously off limits to non-jailbroken iOS devices.

So, what is exactly is Skyfire and how does it work?

Well, the app is a full-fledged web browser powered by the same WebKit core as Safari.

It uses a highly-scalable, “rocket platform” to efficiently transcode video content into Apple-approved formats on the fly via cloud-based computing. 

This approach is not only efficient for networks, but smartphones as well – saving battery life and compressing data by an average of 75 percent.

“Users [really] don’t think about what video technology a site uses. They just want the video to play,” explained Skyfire CEO Jeff Glueck.

“With this workaround, Skyfire makes playback possible, while also optimizing the video for mobile screens and networks. That makes it easier to fit video through congested cell towers, saves battery life, and helps users conserve megabytes in their dataplan.”

Skyfire 2.0 for iPhone is available for $2.99 in the Apple App Store or at, where users can also download an Android version of the popular mobile browser. 

Note: Skyfire does not support Flash games, apps or Hulu.