Skyfire attempts to bypass Apple’s mobile Flash ban

Skyfire has submitted an iOS version of its popular mobile browser to Apple’s App Store. The browser – which exploits Cloud-based technology – is designed to bypass Club Cupertino’s rather heavy-handed mobile Flash ban.

According to Skyfire CEO Jeff Glueck, the browser is fully capable of playing Flash video, while still adhering to Apple’s (rigid) guidelines regarding HTML5 open-video standards on mobile devices.

“Skyfire for iPhone was built in tight accordance to Apple guidelines, including the use of a WebKit browser core shared with Safari, and h.264 adaptive streaming,” explained Glueck.

“[Still, our] cloud-computing technology translates Flash video on the fly from millions of web sites into HTML5 formats, and supports iOS devices via Apple’s HTTP live streaming standard.”

Glueck also noted that Skyfire “avoids the concerns” raised in Steve Jobs’ recent essay by optimizing Flash for iPhones and network conditions in the Cloud.

“Skyfire improves performance and maximizes battery life while playing video…And also avoids alternate runtime environments [as well as] other security vulnerabilities.

“[In addition], the browser compresses video data by an average of 75%, reducing buffer time, enhancing battery life and easing the network congestion that has caused user complaints in major metropolitan areas.”