Silicone skin reduces iPhone radiation by 60%

San Francisco, Calif. Pong Research has developed a silicone skin that reduces iPhone antenna radiation exposure by 60 percent. According to Pong chief scientist Dr. Alfred Wong, the protective case contains a proprietary technology module that redirects cell phone radiation away from the user’s head.

“Because of my concern about the effects of non-ionizing radiation on the human body, I arrived at the position that redirecting this energy was the best approach,” said Wong. “It took us a number of years of research into putting the correct antenna structure in the case itself so that the case would couple with the energy from the phone’s internal antenna.”

Wong explained that the Pong iPhone case is the first product proven by FCC-certified laboratories to reduce cell phone radiation.

“[Radiation is] similar to smoking a cigarette. One cigarette won’t kill you, but over years of exposure, the effect is cumulative. Many people are concerned about cell phone radiation, but out of necessity they continue to tolerate their own heavy usage. I think it’s a matter of balancing the fear against the need.”

He added that the iPhone case reduced the specific absorption rate (SAR) by 60 percent and decreased intense ‘hotspot’ cell phone radiation (electric field intensity) by 85 percent.

The Pong iPhone (3G and 3GS) case is currently priced at $60, while a Blackberry version will be available in late 2009.