Sharp intros LED TVs

New York (NY) – Sharp today announced what it claims to be the lowest power consumption LCD TVs available on the market today. The new Aquos TVs come in four sizes and integrate a new panel that promises “extremely deep black levels.”

Sharp is offering the 120 Hz LED backlit LCD TVs in a 52-inch, 46-inch, 40-inch and 32-inch version. All models support 1080p resolutions and integrate Internet connectivity.

According to the manufacturer, the devices come with a full array of LEDs evenly dispersed behind the diffuser, “resulting in more uniform colors and brightness across the entire screen, as well as improved color purity.” A new panel called X-Gen supports 10-bit processing as well as a new pixel control technology to limit light leakage which is said to produce deeper black colors. The brightness level is higher than 2,000,000:1, Sharp said.

The company did not reveal the actual power consumption of the TVs, but said that it is lower than that of any other LCD TV currently on the market. Also, Sharp estimates that the LEDs have a lifespan of avout 100,000 hours, which is about two thirds more than that of traditional LCD TVs.

All new LED TVs come with four HDMI 1.3 ports and two component video inputs, all of which are 1080p compatible, accepting signals from Blu-ray players and game consoles.

Prices start at $1100 for the 32-inch model and reach to $2200 for the 52-inch version.