Sharp intros first 3D TVs, offers simultaneous 2D & 3D

Sharp has lifted the veil on its first offering of 3D TVs. To be packaged under its high-end Aquos brand, the TVs bring with them a new feature that lets multiple viewers choose between 2D and 3D at the same time.

The Aquos LE925 series also offers something that most TV manufacturers are afraid to do: pack in not one but two pairs of 3D glasses with every unit.

But that’s because Sharp wants to show off an exclusive feature of its 3D glasses – they allow viewers the option of watching something in 2D. By a simple press of a button, viewers can eliminate the 3D effect but still see the picture in a standard 2D presentation without the 3D blur effect.

Sharp says this is an important feature for consumers who may have multiple people watching a movie at once, some of whom want to watch in 3D but some of whom don’t want to or simply can’t.

Along with introducing Sharp’s take on the 3D craze, the new TV line will also be the first to use an enhanced version of Sharp’s Aquos Net service. Netflix, Vudu, and other online apps will be added directly to the TV’s internal hard drive, a feature that is becoming increasingly commonplace among all major manufacturers.

One other addition is a service called Aquos Advantage Live, which allows users to contact tech support directly through their TV. This allows the technician to see exactly what the user sees and offer instant, tailored advice or support.

As for the tech specs, the Aquos 925 series uses an X-Gen LCD panel with LED side-mount scanning backlight, along with 1080p 240 Hz resolution. It has four HDMI inputs and two USB ports.

The series launches today with a $4200 52-inch TV and a $5300 60-inch model. Gulp.