Sexy Android turns your car on

Sure, everyone knows sexy Android smartphones make their owners appear more attractive than they really are. But now that sleek Droid or seductive Evo 4G can be used to turn on your car as well.

All you have to do is download the free Viper SmartStart app for Android and install some hardware in that pimped out ride of yours.

 The app can then be used to control your tricked-out vehicle from virtually anywhere. 

Indeed, users with a Viper remote start system will be able to start their engine with the push of a button, pre-warm the vehicle during the winter or pre-cool it in the summer. 

And depending on the installation, users can also lock and unlock the doors, pop the trunk, or arm their security system and get an alert on their smartphone if the alarm is triggered. 

Users can even control multiple cars from one smartphone.

Of course, be warned that the required hardware isn’t exactly cheap. The Viper SmartStart System will cost you a cool $500.

But hey, if convenience and gadgets are your thing, Viper may just be what you’re looking for.