Sensia radio thinks it’s a PC

With a large colour touchscreen and internet connectivity, the Sensia radio from Pure is almost more of a PC than a radio.

The first DAB digital and internet-connected radio with a 5.7-inch 640×480 colour touchscreen, Sensia gives access to internet and radio content including podcasts and listen again services; DAB/DAB+ and FM; a set of custom Pure Apps such as weather, news, Picasa, Facebook or Twitter; and new broadcast material such as station slideshows. It’s also a media streamer enabling users to listen to music stored on a home computer or network storage device via Wifi.

“Sensia is the next major innovation from Pure, which I am confident will bring radio to a whole new Facebook generation, while still inspiring our traditional customer base. Radio will never be the same again,” said Paul Smith, Pure’s general manager.

The touchscreen interface allows users to view and interact with the radio by scrolling and spinning lists, tapping to select, sliding controls and swiping to change views. Users can choose between a multi-panel and a full screen view. The screen consists of a visual panel for viewing Apps, station slideshows or album artwork; a list panel for scrolling through lists of radio stations or music stored on a PC; a now playing panel and a control bar for operating Sensia.

The Sensia connects to The Pure Lounge, the company’s radio and media portal, which provides an index to internet audio content and lets users save and organise favourites. It features Pure Clearsound technology for 30W RMS of stereo sound;  iPod/MP3 player inputand headphone socket.

Sensia will be available in time for Christmas at £250 in the UK.