Schmidt triggered by Bing. Cross, be he

The head of Google has got aerated about Microsoft’s latest foray into search, the thing called Bing.

In an interview with Fox Business News, Eric Schmidt, the company’s CEO, said that Microsoft “does this about once a year”. We don’t remember Bing 2008, so we think he must mean another kind of Microsoft bling.

He told the TV channel that the appearance of Bing hasn’t changed what Google has doing. He came out with the immortal line that Google is about search and about making things enormously successful, “by virtue of innovation”.

He claimed that Google gets all the information and organizes it, while Yahoo has a different strategy. Bing will have a different strategy too, said Schmidt.

Presumably, if Schmidt is right, there will be a Bing 2010, a Bing 2011 and eventually a BingMe.

While Bing has received some brownie points from the industry, it has come under criticism for new features including displaying video thumbnails which show some frames which perhaps parents would not want their children to necessarily see.

The Fox Business News vid is here – without any dubious frames but some dubious statements from Eric Schmidt.