Samsung’s Windows Phone loyalty in question

The latest mobile scuttlebutt suggests that Samsung will stop supporting Windows Phone if things don’t change soon

A group called Samfirmware, which creates Samsung ROM software, tweeted a message claiming that “Samsung will support Windows phone till end 2012.”

Samfirmware claims to have inside information from Samsung. Obviously, Samsung has not said anything about an end date for its Windows Phone support.

“It’s true about Samsung and Windows Phone. Windows Phone market is smaller than Samsung’s own OS bada,” the group noted.

It’s no secret that Windows Phone hasn’t reached the level of market share Microsoft would probably have liked. There have also been numerous logistical problems with the platform, including a poor marketing campaign surrounding the platform’s launch and ludicrously delayed updates to fix minor software issues.

Nevertheless, to make such a declaration now seems rather shortsighted, since by all accounts Windows Phone will come into its heyday next year. That’s when we’ll start seeing Nokia phones carrying the Windows Phone OS.

Additionally, the new version of Windows Phone, code-named “Mango,” will be available by the end of this year. It’s a huge update that will potentially get consumers to change the way they feel about their mobile devices – if Microsoft can market it properly.

There’s no doubt that if Windows Phone doesn’t get its act together next year, manufacturers will start pulling out. But to make that statement now seems a bit premature.