Samsung’s Galaxy S finds a million homes in just 45 days

Thanks to a slick marketing campaign and a growing relationship between Samsung and Google, Samsung has managed to bring its newest line of high-end smartphones to a million customers.

This comes just a little over a month after Samsung first launched the Samsung Vibrant through T-Mobile on July 13. An AT&T version of the phone, called the Captivate, is also on store shelves, with plans to roll out the Galaxy S line to Sprint, Verizon, and others within the coming months.

Galaxy S is quickly becoming as well known of a commodity as Motorola’s Droid line of Android handsets. The fact that it has sold so many units without even yet being available on Verizon or Sprint shows a lot of potential for the burgeoning platform.

Verizon’s first Galaxy S phone will be the Fascinate, while Sprint will soon launch the Epic 4G. That will become Sprint’s second device capable of running on a 4G network, and thus only the second device to do so for any mobile provider.

Galaxy S phones have gained appeal for their high-end specs, Super AMOLED screens, and customized Samsung/Android interface. Samsung is the most prolific manufacturer of Android handsets though it has yet to create one single device that can take on the Droid.

Samsung’s Galaxy S phones are all poised to receive the new version of Android, known as Froyo, but so far neither Samsung nor any of the phones’ mobile providers has commented on when that will happen.