Samsung’s Galaxy Player targets Apple’s iPod

Samsung is reportedly preparing to take on Apple’s popular iPod with a tricked-out Android MP3 player.

According to SamasungHub, the 9.9mm thick Galaxy Player (YP-GB1) runs Android 2.2 (Froyo), and boasts a 1GHz CPU, 4-inch Super Clear LCD WVGA screen, (800×480), T-DMB, SoundAlive audio enhancing technology, Wi-Fi and support for Bluetooth 3.0.

The device also features a 3.2MP rear camera, a front facing (VGA) camera for video calling, GPS, HD video playback, microSD card slot and a 1200mAh removable battery.

So, does Samsung have any chance at all of competing against Apple?

Well, as AppleInsider’s Daniel Eran Dilger points out, the electronics giant may find it more difficult than expected to smack down the now ubiquitous ‘Pod.

“For starters, Samsung has no real following of basic music players as Apple had prior to launching the iPod touch,” he opined.

“[The company] also lacks a music marketplace similar to iTunes; it relies upon Google’s mostly ad supported Android Market for all its third party software, which doesn’t come close to the selection and quality of Apple’s iOS App Store and doesn’t even attempt to offer music, movies, and other popular media content.”

Although only time will tell for certain, I personally believe that an Android-powered MP3 may stand a better chance at chipping away iPod market share than say, oh, the Zune.

Obviously, Android fanbois will snap this device at up shortly after launch.

But mainstream consumers who are already familiar with the Android operating system may also consider buying the Galaxy Player, which will likely offer an altogether different experience than the iOS-based iPod Touch.

Yes, the sleek iPod lineup currently defines the MP3 standard – and for good reason.

Still, people are always looking for alternatives, and the Galaxy Player could very well offer mainstream consumers a second option. [[Samsung]]