Samsung Vibrant comes with free movie, free in-flight WiFi

Samsung wants to highlight the entertainment capabilities of its latest Android phone, and to do so it will have James Cameron’s Avatar movie pre-installed, and access to free in-flight WiFi.

Part of Samsung’s new Galaxy S brand, the Vibrant has a 4-inch Super AMOLED touch screen display, 720p HD video recording, GPS functionality, a 5 MP camera, the 2.1 version of Google’s Android OS.

The brand new Kindle for Android app will come pre-installed on the device, as well as Internet radio app Slacker Radio.

In addition, the top-grossing box office hit Avatar will be available on the phone right out of the box. And in one of the more unique mobile phone offers, Samsung has partnered with Gogo, the company that provides in-flight Internet service on virtually all WiFi-capable commercial planes in the US, to offer one free month of Gogo Inflight Internet for free.

In a statement, Samsung said that the new device will also come with “an exclusive collector’s edition of a popular game.”

That’s a lot more pre-installed goodies than we’re used to seeing for a new phone, which is a way for Samsung to highlight its new line of Android phones.

The Vibrant will be offered with T-Mobile service at Radio Shack stores. Pre-orders will open up on July 1.