Samsung unveils larger, 10-inch Galaxy Tab

After quite a successful run with its Android-based, 7-inch Galaxy Tab tablet, Samsung has revealed a new version of the device with a 10 inch display that will be more of a direct rival to the iPad.

When Samsung first introduced the world to the Galaxy Tab, it was very clear in its decision to make a smaller screen. It said its hours of focus group and development research proved that people wanted a device they could easily hold with one hand.

Yet, the iPad, which is bigger but still single-hand-holdable, continues to sell pretty well. So Samsung is taking a step in the direction of Apple’s design with its newest model.

The new version of the Galaxy Tab will include dual surround-sound speakers built-in, as well as an 8-megapixel digital camera. It will also reportedly have Adobe Flash support included, meaning it will at least have Android 2.2 installed.

And perhaps the biggest detail is that it will have compatibility with mobile 4G networks, though nothing was said about which networks will carry it. The original Galaxy Tab was made for every major carrier.

The Galaxy Tab has already sold more than two million units, although the return rate has been strikingly high at over 10%.

Samsung didn’t announce when the new model will be available or how expensive it will be, but many already found the $600 Galaxy Tab to be priced too high, and this new version will likely be even pricier.