Samsung showcases next-gen Orion Cortex-A9

Samsung recently showcased its next-gen Orion Cortex-A9 processor at ARM TechCon 2010.

According to Charbax of, the new chip is likely to power a wide range of future Galaxy-class mobile products. 

“My guess is it may also be fast enough to power Samsung laptops with Chrome OS or some other type of embedded Linux,” he speculated.

“[But] Samsung representatives were not able to confirm anything on this processor at this point.”

As Brian O’Toole of Android Police notes, the demo board is shown running stock Google Froyo (2.2) fairly smoothly and rendering high definition video content with ease.

“We’re [definitely] hoping they’ll find a home in a handset or tablet some time soon, too,” wrote O’Toole.

“Unfortunately, with no official announcements forthcoming from Samsung, that hope is all we have to cling to at the minute.”

I don’t know about you, but I definitely can’t wait for the dual-core, 1GHz Orion to actually arrive in mobile devices.

The specs are pretty awesome indeed, with a triple display controller, 1080P video encode/decode at 30 fps and HDMI 1.3a.