Samsung rolls out Galaxy Tab software update

Samsung has just revealed a new update to its brand of Android-powered tablets.

At a media event in New York City, Samsung said there were two parts to the Galaxy Tab strategy – the first was to get the hardware and the second is to fine-tune the software. After all, users can always download updates but cannot swap out the device itself so easily.

“When we first launched the tablet, we promised our customers that we were going to delight them by ensuring the experience we deliver them helps them with work and with play. Today we’re officially unveiling a major software update that takes that promise even further,” said Samsung VP Gavin Kim, as quoted by the Wall Street Journal.

The new software will optimize the experience for tablet functions. To date, it has been powered by a fairly standard version of Android – that is, the same kind of interface as an Android phone.

With Samsung’s new software, however, it looks less like typical Android, which is a good thing. It offers multi-task support, WiFi printing options, a seamless way to connect to private networks, and one-touch access to Samsung’s emerging iTunes-like platform, which allows users to download music and video files.

The Galaxy Tab, which first hit the market late last year, has been one of the more heralded Android tablets in what is becoming a saturated Android tablet market. That’s mainly because it was the first to be released in stores and because Samsung has kept up-to-date with new hardware models and a push for better software.

Many other Android tablets are in the works, but it is really the software that matters, and in addition to rolling out specific OS tweaks, Samsung is also fervently working with third-party app developers to secure tablet-optimized content.