Samsung outs a 10-inch Galaxy Tab

Although it insisted that consumers want a device that’s smaller than the iPad, it seems Samsung it moving forward with plans to create a device that is about the same size.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs are invading the retail locations of some mobile providers this month, bringing to market what many consider to be the first real competitor to Apple’s iPad. Running on the Android operating system, its specs are strong and it integrated all that’s good about Android.

However, what many are noting is that it’s a smaller device with fewer apps, at no real cost benefit to the iPad. It still costs $600. It’s kind of reminiscent of when Sony launched the PSPgo – it was a new version of the PSP gaming system, but it had a smaller screen and couldn’t play old PSP games, yet it was more expensive. That system was a flop.

So now it appears Samsung wants to hedge its bets. Despite citing irrefutable evidence from focus groups about consumers wanting a smaller tablet device they could hold with one hand, it seems a 10.1-inch version of the device is on display at a trade show in China.

Wired reports an “e-reader” prototype at the FPS International Green Device 2010 show, but calls it undeniably a Galaxy Tab. The device is running a video call demo, which has nothing to do with e-books.

However, Wired also says it’s using a new kind of panel that would bring a huge reduction in weight to the device. Perhaps that means Samsung is looking at those focus group results in a new light – don’t make the device smaller than the iPad, just make it lighter.

Nevertheless, we’ve heard rumblings from Samsung before about a larger version of the Galaxy Tab so this doesn’t come as a monstrously huge surprise. The 7-inch Galaxy Tab is still going to try for some sort of recognition during the holidays. We’ll see how the sales numbers pan out.