Samsung Galaxy Tab surpasses a million sales

It looks like Samsung’s huge wager in entering the tablet market with a $600 device is not exactly going down in the flop books. The company is now reporting one million units have been sold and it expects to still reach another 500,000 by the end of the year.

This news comes just as Nielsen reported results of a survey that showed only 15% of consumers would rather have a Galaxy Tab over an iPad. The two are very similar in price, so it looked like a no-brainer that pretty much anyone with enough money would buy an iPad.

But these sales figures seem to suggest the level of apathy isn’t that great. Available now at all four of the major carriers in the US, it seems people are still willing to give a shot to a new piece of tech.

In fact, the new data from Samsung show an increase in its year-end projections. It originally hoped to reach 1 million by the end of the year. Now it’s going for a total of 1.5 million.

Samsung does have one big thing going for it – it’s the first. There isn’t really any other viable Android-based tablet that rivals the iPad. So anyone who wants an “iPad” but doesn’t like Apple can only turn to the Galaxy Tab at this point. Other Android tablets are very short in their feature list.

The Galaxy Tab comes built-in with 3G data connectivity. There is no Wi-Fi-only model. Prices range from $600 to $650 depending on the carrier, with subsidy prices available as low as $350 for those who sign up for a data contract.