Samsung Galaxy S finally gets its turn with Android 2.2

Owners of Samsung’s Galaxy S line of phones have been patiently waiting for the Android 2.2 update that many other Android owners have had for months, and now it looks like the wait may finally be over.

Samsung has announced that later tonight, at 8:00 PM, a download will become available to that will be compatible with all Galaxy S devices, upgrading them to Android 2.2.

The news comes after Google and Samsung have continuously been dodgy about details regarding the update for Samsung’s Android-powered smartphones. To date, the only handsets to receive the upgrade have been phones manufactured by other companies. Only about a quarter of all Android users have upgraded their device to the latest OS.

Many of those who haven’t upgraded simply have a phone that is too outdated to receive it. But the Galaxy S platform is one of the most technically adept on the market right now and is more than capable of running Froyo.

Exactly what has been causing the hold-up is anyone’s guess, but it’s been a real problem for Samsung as it tries to market the devices.

Android 2.2 brings with it features like full browser support for the latest Flash video standard, the ability to use your phone as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, and enhanced voice controls for all aspects of the device. It should be a welcome addition to the Galaxy S family.