Samsung accelerates mobile devices with advanced ARM software

San Francisco (CA) – Samsung has licensed ARM’s Mali-SVG-t technology for use in a wide range of mobile handsets. The advanced software – which facilitates the precise rendering of 2D objects – also offers easy scaling for various display resolutions and zoom factors.

“The Mali-SVG-t software enables an enhanced user experience, helping with typical 2D object tasks including font rendering, user interface and potentially, Internet browsing,” ARM spokesperson Charlene Marini told TG Daily. “Optimized for both ARM processors and the ARM Mali family of graphics processors, a combined solution of the software and targeted processors enables power efficient execution of 2D graphics tasks.”

Lance Howarth, general manager of ARM’s Media Processing Division, explained that mobile operators’ specifications are increasingly demanding SVG-t (Scalable Vector Graphics Tiny) compliant scalable 2D graphics capability across multiple platforms. According to Howarth, ARM Mali-SVG-t technology provides a middleware layer compliant with the SVG-t 1.2 specification that is both optimized for ARM processors and able to take advantage of OpenVG compliant graphics acceleration technology.

“Only ARM delivers the full spectrum of graphics system elements, ensuring complete compatibility across the stack and enabling Partners like Samsung to develop the most advanced consumer products,” added Howarth.