Russia builds an Android phone

Yes, the Cold War may have ended years ago, but Russia is racing to bring its own version of an Android handset to market.

Although this phone won’t be launching nukes anytime soon, it did make its way to the office of Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, who appeared to be suitably wowed by the grey and dreary prototype device.

Manufactured by the government-funded Russian Technologies, the bizzare-looking 4G smartphone apparently features two screens, one of which is slightly curved.  

Why, you ask? 

Well, as Jaroslav Stekl of Android Police notes, the Soviet, er, Russian, phone should obviously be filed under the “it [just] had to be done” category.

“[This is] not just any dual screen Android handset; this baby has one LCD screen on the front and one E-Ink screen on the back. That’s right, no flipping open, sliding, or anything of that sort, merely turn the device over and you’re facing the other screen,” wrote Stekl.

“Oh yeah, and it turns out that other screen is curved. While I fail to see the advantage in this, apparently Russian president Dmitry Medvedev did, for he seemed fairly impressed with the device when it landed in his office.”

Of course, additional specs, such as processor speed/type and RAM have not yet been announced, while pricing remains similarly enigmatic.

However, the video does seem to be imply that the Russian-branded phone will not be available before May 2011.  

Damn! Well, I guess I’ll just have to put away my sickle and hammer and make do with my Droid until then.