Rumor: Verizon planning switch to tiered data

Verizon will reportedly become the next big major carrier to end unlimited mobile data for smartphone customers.

Under the new plans, according to Apple Insider, Verizon will structure its pricing plans so that customers have to choose one of the following monthly data allotments:

– 2 GB: $30/month

– 5 GB: $50/month

– 10 GB: $80/month

Overages will be charged at a rate of $10 for every additional gigabyte, Apple Insider reported. Verizon will also be changing its tethered data pricing plans. So for those who want to use their phone’s data capabilities as a virtual hotspot, instead of the current $20/month rate for 5 GB of tethering, it will cost $20 for 2 GB, and an extra $20 for each additional 2 GB.

When AT&T pulled the same kind of move last year, many Verizon customers let out a sigh of relief that at least they still had their handy unlimited data. But that advantage seems to be going away.

Curiously, the two carriers are the only ones that offer their services on the iPhone, which would lead one to believe that iPhone users are such a big drain on the system, it forces massive overhauls to a years-old business structure.

An earlier third-party report showed that Android customers are actually downloading more data on average than the typical iPhone owner. What it didn’t take into account, however, were the outliers.

It’s likely that a lot of iPhone customers go way beyond the “average” user, leaving the few who just buy the device as a status symbol and never use mobile data to average them out, while the Android community is a more centered group where everyone uses a lot – but not ungodly amounts – of mobile data.

But it may not necessarily be all related to the iPhone. Many analysts have suggested this is the inevitable future. Nevertheless, T-Mobile and Sprint, which already have far more attractive monthly service fees, have shown so sign of axing unlimited data.