Rumor: Samsung eyes webOS as iOS competitor

Samsung is reportedly interested in acquiring webOS from Hewlett Packard, which it could attempt to repackage as a viable alternative to Apple’s integrated hardware-software ecosystem.

According to DigiTimes, Samsung also believes webOS could theoretically be positioned to challenge Google’s mobile Android operating system.

Indeed, Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola – which (potentially) threatens various manufacturers – may prompt Samsung to purchase webOS as a counter measure.

Although the hyper-competitive mobile space would undoubtedly benefit from a revamped webOS, the chances of the moribund operating system (realistically) catching up with Google or Apple any time soon are slim to none.

Both iOS and Android have a significant head start and boast vibrant app marketplaces along with legions of loyal followers.

Of course, Samsung could hope to find a niche with an operating system that runs on both mobile devices and desktops, but Windows 8 is likely to do the same – at least with PCs and tablets.

It should also be noted that Apple is already moving towards an eventual integration of OS X and iOS, which would effectively eliminate the chances of WebOS, unless it somehow managed to marry a mind- blowing, next-gen UI with advanced hardware.