Rumor: Apple iPad 2 launch imminent

Digg Founder Kevin Rose has consulted his ancient Palantír and determined that Apple will reveal its long-awaited iPad 2 over the next few weeks.

“I have it on good authority that Apple will be announcing the iPad 2 in the next ‘3-4 weeks,’ possibly Tuesday February 1st,” Rose hypothesized in an official blog post.

“The iPad 2 will feature a front/back camera, [along with] a higher dpi – but won’t technically be a retina display. If you’re thinking of buying an iPad, hold off for now.”

So, what potential specs is the next-gen iPad likely to feature?

Although little is know for certain about the device, various rumors suggest the iPad 2 could boast:

  • A dual-core ARM processor.
  • USB port. 

  • Larger speaker.
Slimmer design.
  • Larger screen size.

Note: While many expect the iPad 2 to include a retina display, Joe White of AppAdvice believes it may be difficult for Apple to further bolster the tablet’s resolution without increasing the current 9.7-inch screen size.

(Via PC Mag and NetworkWorld) [[Apple]]