Rumor: 10-inch Playbook in the works

Research in Motion is reportedly looking to super-size its recently launched Playbook tablet.

The company is rumored to be developing a 10-inch version of the device, as a complement to the existing 7-inch model that went on sale last month.

The Playbook is considered to be an early success, garnering high launch sales and a smattering of positive review, though there is also a large amount of criticism over the device’s lack of proprietary apps and an over-reliance on the need to connect to a Blackberry.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the best attempts from RIM so far as it attempts to re-invigorate the Blackberry brand in the world of Android and iPhone dominance.

Samsung has been a champion of releasing tablets of varying size, since consumer needs wildly differ. Some prefer a device that can be held with one hand, while others want a screen big enough to function as a worthy laptop substitute.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line consists of sizes ranging from seven inches to 10 inches, so RIM’s new addition would perfectly mimic that strategy.

Boy Genius Report, which claims to have received the tip of the bigger Playbook, says no other details are known, like whether or not it will have a more powerful processor or other functionality, but it reported an expected release of the end of 2011.