Rolls Royce to sell 25 Ghosts to India

Twenty five orders for the Rolls Royce Ghost have been received from India since the company previewed the luxury car last week.

But, according to reports, Rolls Royce wants to double or even treble that figure that number in India next year.

There are some very rich Indians.

The Ghost packs a heap of technology including a night vision system, based on an infrared camera that can reveal pedestrians 300 meters away and show you their thermal image. A head up display shows driving information on the windscreen without having to look down. The steering wheel includes a lane departure system that vibrates if you’re drifting into another lane. Active Cruise Control maintains a predefined gap from the car in front. There’s also phone, radio, CD, navigation and contacts systems on board.

Top speed of the Ghost is 155mph, with 4.7 seconds acceleration from 0-60. The vehicle weighs 6482 pounds, and is 212.6 inches long and 76.7 inches wide. The trunk has 16.3 cubic feet capacity and the fuel tank holds 82.5 liters.

You can choose one of eight different color leathers for the interior, and one of 12 colors for the exterior paintwork. You’ve a choice of five different veneers, and Rolls Royce, now owned by German company BMW,  says each set of veneers comes from a single tree.

Just don’t ask what it costs. That sort of question is just so unutterably vulgar, don’t you know?