Roku set-top box inks deal with Best Buy

Now that watching online content through your TV is all the rage, Roku’s set-top box is now big enough for the #1 electronics retailer in the country.

As part of its expanding push to retail presence, the Roku device is now available at Best Buy along with BJ’s, Fry’s Electronics, and Radio Shack.

“Having sold over 1 million Roku players through online sales only up until now, we are incredibly excited to announce our entrance into brick and mortar retail with nationwide availability from the preeminent consumer electronics retailer,” said Roku CEO Anthony Wood.

Roku is a device that users plug into their TV to access online video services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Video. It also incorporates other IPTV apps like Flickr, Facebook, and Pandora Internet Radio.

The company also signed a deal with WealthTV, a digital cable channel, to let users stream the channel live. Roku continues to look for content partners and push the envelope of IPTV services.

Most consumers with a modern TV, though, won’t find a whole lot of use for it. Nevertheless, there are millions of people with older TV sets that don’t want to feel left out when it comes to the evolution of online content, and the $79 Roku XD box is the perfect way to stay up-to-date.