RIM’s PlayBook in epic battery fail

Somewhere, Steve Jobs is surrounded by hundreds of iPads and laughing at RIM’s epic PlayBook battery fail.

Yes, the PlayBook may feature some pretty sweet specs along with a sophisticated QNX operating system.

Still, according to Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu, the device is plagued by serious battery life issues.

Indeed, the Playbook’s battery is capable of lasting only “a few hours” before it unceremoniously drains itself of juice.

In sharp contrast, the Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android) boasts a six-hour battery life, while Apple’s iPad (iOS) clocks in at a cool 10 hours.

Now that’s some serious tablet stamina – which the PlayBook is sorely lacking.

“From our understanding, this could require a bit of re-engineering,” Wu wrote in an industry note obtained by PC Mag.

“One possibility we are hearing is the likelihood of a larger battery which could add to the heft and weight of PlayBook.”

Wu also expressed concern over RIM’s app store monetization paradigm, or lack thereof.

“Apple is the only store where developers can count on revenue, [while] Android suffers from piracy and inconsistency.  

“We are not sure if QNX will fix these issues, [nor] are we convinced that tablets outside of the iPad will see high volume success.” [[RIM]]