Review: Mini Bluetooth Earbuds from Savfy

There are many wireless earbud/ headphones on the market, but I have hardly seen any as small and as sleek as the Savfy mini Bluetooth earbuds.

In the Package

SAVFY Bluetooth Headphones 2

SAVFY Portable Charging Case 1

USB cable 1

Ear Tips 2 (extra)

User manual 1


The steel earbuds are surprisingly light, and like the portable aluminium charging case, look and feel well built. The multi-function buttons on the earbuds respond well with a noticeable click. All in all everything looks and feels like a premium build.


The music and sound quality is good, definitely impressive for such light and small bluetooth earbuds. The sound is comparable to, if not better than, most middle-range wired headphones on the market.

The built-in microphones work well, you should pay attention to the right position for best results. Sometimes there is a slight echo, like being in an empty room but it is not very annoying and the volume is good.


The earbuds are less than an inch long and weigh around 4.4 grams. You have a choice of 3 different tips, after you find the right fit for your ears you can hardly feel the mini headphones in your ears. The buds sit tight and you don’t have the feeling that they will fall out at any moment. Depending on your ear’s anatomy, you might even be able to use them whilst jogging, dancing and raving may be a problem.


For stereo sound the earbuds use a master and slave concept. You can use a single earbud as a headset, or pair the two buds for stereo media. It is important that you pair the buds properly or else you might get the “slave” bud fading when you move your head.

Multi-point connectivity, you can pair the earbuds with two different devices simultaneously, one device for calls and the other for music. Here you should also pay attention to which devices are paired with your earbuds, you can only use one device for calling and one for music. With lots of people testing the earbuds and their devices being paired with them, we did get things mixed up in the office.

Noise reduction, the earbuds help filter out a lot of the buzz around you but you still notice if someone is talking you, which is a big plus. The other positive side effect is that the people around you do not hear the music you are listening to.

Battery life, we easily got 4-5 hours of music and talking, combined, out of the earbuds. With the portable charger at hand, you should be able to get over 60 hrs battery life. The earbuds fall into the magnetic conductive charger with a satisfying click. The charger also functions as the carrying case and has enough power to charge your phone if necessary.


The Savfy Bluetooth Earbuds do not disappoint, you get what you expect. The sound and build quality is good and the earbuds also look very cool. The charging case is practical, robust and also serves as a battery pack for your phone.

The present price of around $90 to $120 dollars (depending on where you buy it) might seem a little high, compared to other headphones, but new technology usually has its price and there is hardly anything else so small on the market. Buying the Savfy mini bluetooth earbuds will be more about wanting them, than needing them.

If you pay attention to the manual and make sure your connections are right then you will have a good experience.

You can check out the bluetooth earbuds, and the company’s other products, directly on their website They have list of Amazon and Ebay links for different countries if you should be interested.