Research In Motion acquires Documents To Go maker DataViz

Blackberry maker Research in Motion has reportedly bought mobile software company DataViz, with an eye on making mobile business applications that are exclusive to the Blackberry platform.

DataViz is the maker of the widely-used Documents To Go app, a software program that allows users to view Microsoft Office and other documents from their mobile phone.

According to a Cnet report on DataViz and its buyout, “the majority of its employees [will now] focus on supporting the BlackBerry platform.” Mobile blog Crackberry also points out that several DataViz employees have changed their “current employer” information on their LinkedIn profiles to “RIM.”

RIM and DataViz have not officially made any statements about the acquisition and have not confirmed anything about a complete buyout deal.

It looks to be the real thing, though. And it is a move that RIM likely hopes will reinforce the Blackberry platform as the ultimate mobile business solution.

Blackberry has been steadily losing ground against Android and iOS, the iPhone operating system, among all users. But the most devastating is the fact that it is also beginning to lose significant numbers of enterprise customers, a market segment it has grown used to owning without any question.

RIM also just launched Blackberry 6, its next-gen mobile operating system that was supposed to be a direct response to the Google and Apple platforms. However, reception to the new software has been lukewarm at best, with users blasting it as having absolutely nothing revolutionary.

According to rumors, the DataViz buyout is worth $50 million in cash.