Report pinpoints Mango update to begin on 9/27

Just about one day after Microsoft confirmed that Mango was ready to be peeled in a couple weeks, a report has come out to suggest a specific launch date.

Windows Phone fan site WPCentral reported that AT&T will be the first to nab the upgrade and pass it along to customers. The site also claims the process will begin on September 27, just four days from now.

Microsoft noted in an official blog post that Mango was practically ready for prime time and would be launching in a “couple weeks,” but this report pushes that time frame even closer.

According to WPCentral, the Samsung Focus will be the flagship AT&T device to get the latest and greatest version of Windows Phone. Focus owners running version 1.3 or later will reportedly be able to grab the update on the 27th.

Among the other handsets targeted for the first batch of upgrades appear to be the HTC Surround and LG Quantum.

Mango, also known as Windows 7.5, aims to revolutionize Microsoft’s mobile platform, less than one year after it was released. The company touts that there are more than 100 changes to the new software, many of which are minor tweaks and upgrades.

One of the more intriguing features, though, is Microsoft’s desire to have apps run in an inter-connected, seamless process. That is, instead of opening up an individual app for specific purposes, Mango will try to use apps dynamically based on the content you’re looking for.