Report: Journalist fabricated Chrome tablet specs

Earlier, we reported that Google and Verizon were poised to launch a Chrome-based tablet on November 26th. However, it seems as if the system specs were fabricated and based on pure speculation, rather than fact or an actual tip.

“The author of the Download Squad post, Lee Matthews, apparently fabricated all these specs – in [later] comments, he confirms that they’re ‘pure speculation,’ and this his source only provided the launch date and Verizon partnership,” wrote Engadget’s Nilay Patel.

“[Yes], that part certainly seems plausible, but we wouldn’t necessarily believe any of this – it’s pretty suspect to just make things up.”

Patel subsequently added that a “proven tipster” had contacted Engadget to dispute the entire Chrome tablet story, including the over-hyped Black Friday launch date.

“ARM-based Chrome OS tablets won’t hit until late 2011 at least. It’ll be Atom-based netbooks until then, we’re told. 

“That lines up with everything else we’ve ever heard from Google and its partners, so we’re calling this entirely bunk until we actually see some hardware.”

We concur.

So, show us the Chrome, baby. Then we’ll talk.