Report: iPhone owners "outgame" Android users

A recent survey conducted by Mplayit has found that mobile gaming is four times as popular among iPhone owners than Android users.

The survey also found that BlackBerry users are twice as likely to be searching for games than Android users – despite the device’s strong business reputation.

“Android is a powerful platform of compelling APIs, but Google needs to persuade both gamers and game developers to get on board,” Mplayit CEO Michael Powers told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement. 

“GDC [2010] will be a critical opportunity for them to build the all-important developer momentum that will in time fan out to the ordinary consumer.”

According to Powers, the growing consumer interest in Android devices, as well as Google’s outreach to the game developer community, speak to an “opportunity” for game developers to tap a growing market.

“The data, however, also points to the need for consumer marketers to put Android on the map as a compelling gaming platform – much in the way that Apple has done with iPhone.

“Games are the most obvious example – but our analysis shows distinct personality traits for the different platforms. iPhone users are in it for fun, Android users currently enjoy more useful, strategic apps and BlackBerry users are staying true to the platform’s business background.”