Report: iPhone 5 coming in September, not June

A new Reuters report says Apple’s next entry in the iPhone library won’t be available until September.

This conflicts earlier rumors that had suggested Apple would be announcing a launch date for the iPhone 5 sometime this summer.

It’s also somewhat at odds with the historical practice of Apple releasing a new version of the device nearly once every 12 months. If the iPhone 5 comes out in September, the gap between iPhone releases would be more like a year and a half.

Not much has been leaked in the way of iPhone 5 details, though it’s expected Apple will increase the processing power, pack in a more powerful camera, and include a larger display.

While most everyone is talking about the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4 product line still isn’t finished. Apple will be releasing the much-delayed white version of last year’s iPhone within the coming weeks.

It also remains to be seen if the iPhone 5 will be released on AT&T and Verizon simultaneously. This will be the first new Apple smartphone to be released since the exclusivity contract with AT&T expired.