Report: Google’s official ‘Nexus’ tablet due this summer

Rumor has it the ‘Nexus’ name will be making its way to tablet form this summer, complete with Android 3.0 and full support from Google.

After launching the Nexus One on its own and the Nexus S with the support of Samsung, it looks like Google is ready to bring its branded name of Android devices to the next level. This time, it’ll be partnering up with LG to launch a Honeycomb-powered tablet with the Nexus name, according to a report from

While the Nexus brand of smartphones hasn’t sold particularly well, customers have been pleased with the way the devices function and with Google’s top-priority support when it comes to new features and updates. The Nexus tablet will likely follow in those footsteps.

Shifting away from Samsung means Google must have seen something with standout potential from LG. Right now, its biggest claim to fame in the mobile world is glasses-free 3D. The company is working on both a 3D smartphone and tablet at the moment. So if we were to guess, we’d say the Nexus tablet will probably incorporate the latest 3D effects.

The only tablet on the market right now with Android 3.0, Honeycomb, is Motorola’s Xoom. Initial reviews have been largely favorable for the device, but there are some noted issues with the latest version of Android. If the Nexus tablet comes out in the summer as reported, it would hopefully mean Google has ironed out these bugs and made it good enough to stamp its biggest seal of approval possible.

The company still has a long way to go to earn the same kind of recognition as the iPad, but with huge support from manufacturers and a constantly growing following, it’s on the right path.