Report: Facebook finally making an iPad app

Facebook may soon be ready to launch its own official iPad app.

The New York Times reports that the app is in the “final stages of testing” and should be ready for the App Store within the next few weeks.

It would be the first time the social networking site has released an official app for Apple’s tablet, something users have been waiting for over the last year and a half.

Although many may have assumed Facebook just didn’t want to go to the trouble of releasing an iPad app, the Times says the site has been working on the project for more than a year.

In addition to making a seamless experience where users can get all the information they need on a single screen, the app will be integrated with Facebook Chat and Facebook Groups, something most of the other official mobile apps, as well as unofficial iPad apps, don’t incorporate.

It will also reportedly take advantage of the iPad cameras. “The photo and video experience is amazing, offering full resolution and full-screen images,” someone who had apparently seen the app said.

This story comes just one day after another report said Facebook was working on an HTML5-optimized version of its site, which means iPad and iPhone users could just point their device to from the built-in browser to bypass the whole App Store hassle.